The world of work is rapidly changing! 

ERMS is an exciting company that enables employers to adapt to the ever changing work environment through next generation Human Capital Management delivery.  Our unique People, Process and Technology  consulting capability, enhances Best Practice Contemporary Human Capital Management delivery.

ERMS enables our clients to Connect with its employees through social media  '' behind the firewall'' and unique enabling mobile technology, assisting organisation in building a flexible, adaptable organisation to maximize workforce productivity .

Social behavior is changing radically from everything we've seen since the Industrial Revolution. This changing behaviour impact the world of work. Employee’s behaviors and expectations differ. Gen X and Y employees increasingly interact through Web 2.0  digital and mobile mediums.

The proliferation of mobile devices has changed the way people work and communicate.  We explore the benefits of using mobile technology in your organisation in internal communication, employee surveys, staff networking and support as well as the exciting dimension of mobile learning and mentoring.

Handheld technologies, together with wireless and mobile phone networks,  facilitate, support, enhance and extend the reach of teaching and learning.

We enable Mobile learning in any location, at any time, including traditional learning environments, in workplaces, at home, in community locations and in transit. Share and Collaborate, Mobilise current Human Resources content, Provide and Receive updates, connect with SMS/MMS messages.

We provide On-Demand technology and Infrastructure helping you avoid the traditional costs of licensed software and IT infrastructure with on-demand software-as-a-service.  We bring our clients the mobile learning, mobile capabilities to support the mobile workforce.  We arrange Double airtime to activate mobile handsets as communication tool with all employees.

 Our people and diverse technology enable anywhere, anytime access to products and services ensuring employee relations centric focus.

What we do for you

We partner with our customers to build comprehensive solutions, in people, process and technology to connect, engage and involve talent. 

We assist in the focus of HR on overall business performance through intimate understanding of business strategy. We focus on those interventions which have direct relation to value. We simplify systems, processes and infrastructure in a flexible manner. We get employees excited

We bring real impact, pioneering design in online and mobile learning.  We  bring you a unique authoring mobile platform to enhance learning, communication, support to all level employees.  We work with market leaders in strategy, education, on line learning, benefits and wellness.  Our consultancy in the  Human  Capital Lyfe cycle is based on our deep knowledge of Human Capital practice.

Transform Hunman Capital  tools and Delivery:  We transform and enhance Human Capital delivery and tools! We help you chill and get real in engaging employees.

Enterprise Social Software, (Enterprise 2.0) describes social software used in a business or enterprise context. In contrast to traditional enterprise software, which imposes a rigid structure of implementation, enterprise social software encourages use and participation before structure.

Human Capital Management through Web enabled Web portal to access

2010 and beyond: ERMS is a delivery model for contemporary Human Capital management, supporting Purpose, connecting with People, enabling processes, practices. Providing tools assisting in the primary delivery of HR as strategic Business partner, towards a committed culture.

Ignite conversations and communication in various forms: Through our Social media we introduce an aligned Employee relations marketing strategy which is easily aligned to the company Customer Relations Marketing strategy. Our Mobile to web, web to mobile and sms/mms to mobile technology are used to share opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives into the workplace. Text, images, audio, and video.

We typically use technologies such as blogs, message boards, podcasts, wikis, and vlogs to allow employees to interact in organization networks together with our face to face interventions, activations, training and facilitation.

We bring On Demand Delivery via web.

Our customers do not need to buy software!

We integrate into the core networks of our clients without any of the normal disruption.

ERMS activate total employee experience, creating culture of commitment, responding to the needs and values of the four different generation employees.

Talent Management: Workforce planning, talent management becomes more efficient through making companies more attractive to top talent.

ERMS offers a revolutionary new approach to Talent management through  Analytics Platform Architecture to access comprehensive reports/analytic dashboards.

Configuration Management: New levels of self-service and control Consistent global business rules and local processes in multiple languages, currencies, and data formats.

IntegrationSimplify the complexity of integration with self-service and turnkey integration solutions on the services oriented architecture (SOA).

On-Demand Infrastructure: Avoid the traditional costs of licensed software and IT infrastructure with on-demand software-as-a-service.

Candidate, employee and contractor information in a single data model with shared competencies and consistent talent profiles.

Usability: Accelerate your talent management adoption with configurable, role-based WebTop designed with intuitive usability

Learning and Development/ Facilitation: We provide ongoing training/ interventions and facilitation

E Learning and Mobile enabled learning: We provide e-learning of 480 programs with online mentors (ask for it and we screen and provide, yes it has been accredited)

And thanks to Enterprise 2.0 it is no longer a challenge

On line assessments: Employee benefit and reward programmes “Enhancing total employee experience through Employee Relationship Marketing and Social media” Today's employees simply expect more than just a good salary. They expect to be treated well and will settle for nothing less.

ERMS offers a unique multitude of products and services through e-shopping platform that offers employees all the benefits of shopping, branded airtime with massive savings giving back to employees and the company.

Social Network “On boarding”: ERMS consults our clients to focuses on the “on boarding “experience through our Insider program and then” profile builder” which tracks key employee metrics over time. This is a must experience when coupled with the winwin activation.


 Why is ERMS a great concept?

“Companies need to understand their employees as well as they understand their customers to design a work environment and experience that will drive higher engagement and performance” (Towers Perrin GWS 2008)

ERMS provides total employee experience through mobility.

How we do it?

We find ways to ignite conversation - activating the way in which your employees want to be communicated to! Conversational Media enables employees to talk, type, listen, speak, share or in some way deepen their connection to the work community. We enable our clients to develop, administer, shedule and monitor content.

Our approach




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