Annelie Gildenhuys(PH-d) Industrial Sociology , Master Human Resources Practitioner, (SABPP) and part time Commissioner, has been appointed Managing Director of ERMS.  Employee Relations Marketing Solutions Pty Ltd, is a fusion between DSG and the WinwinGroup, where Annelie headed the People Development and Learning Division in Association with ANCOR Empowerment, since 2008. 

  • Annelie is best known for her skills in integrated Human Resources, Diversity management and Leadership strategy.
  • This former HSRC Labour Economic Researcher and Human Resources Manager Headed the Transformation and Organisational Development, for the Premier Group of Companies and Manager.  She was Training and Development Manager for Premier Foods.
  • Annelie integrates her vast  corporate and consulting experience as former (since 1988) in leadership style, talent management, organisational culture and transformation, group dynamics,  communication, power and conflict management, inter-group behaviour, and research methodology in the work she does. 
  • She is the author of the best-selling “ANCOR Employment Equity” and the “Skills Development and Qualifications Packages”, co-author of a Diversity Facilitation Tool “The Morning after the Night Before”.
  • She is a former part time MBA Employee Relations and Human Resources Strategy lecturer and serves as part time CCMA commissioner, acting as Mentor for new commissioners and facilitator on the CCMA National Accreditation Training Panel.  She conciliates and arbitrates as a Tokiso Private Dispute resolution panellist and a number of Bargaining Councils. 
  • She is an accredited assessor of all registered SAQA unit standards.



Yaron is an entrepreneur with a passion for ICT. He has been consulting in the ICT industry for the past 17 years in the US, UK and South Africa. He founded what is known today as the Digital Solutions Group (DSG) in 1998. DSG focuses on relationship marketing solutions using multi channel commerce.  In 2000 he sold a 51% stake in to iTouch (the technology company of Independent News and Media at the time). iTouch is a mobile value added services company that looked to capture the mobile commerce market prior to their IPO on the FTSE that year. Digital Mall developed the mobile commerce platform utilised by iTouch to be first to market in the South Africa, UK, and Australasia and capture the growing demand for mobile commerce. Due to the market crash in late 2001 the management team of DSG purchased the company back and refocused on the African market. In May 2005, iTouch was acquired by For-side, a leading Japanese mobile services provider and de- listed from the FTSE.

  • Yaron serves as the ICT strategist for the Nelson Mandela Foundation and formulated strategy for the 46664 global communities.  In 2005 he served as the technology director of Contact in Gauteng, a Non Profit Organization focused on promoting the BPO&O industry in the region.
  • DSG was recognised as a Top Technology 100 enterprise in 2005/2006 and won several innovation awards in the contact centre, mobile and e-business industries. DSG was awarded the Public Sector Innovation award for the most effective use of IT within government jointly with the Independent Electoral Commission for its innovative work for the South African Elections in 2004-2006.



Stuart is the Managing Director of the winwinGroup.  Raised and educated in Johannesburg, his personal motto “All men die, but not all men live” is a visible quality in all of his projects. He has a decade of training in people development to his experience. His passion for Brand, Culture and Service is legendary amongst his local and international clientele.

  • Stuart was the founding member of a Reward & Recognition company called Dynamic Motivations in 1992.  In 1995 Dynamic Motivations moved into the training and motivating business and in 1999 joined with thewinwingroup.
  • Stuart has motivated and trained extensively in Corporate SA and has successfully completed numerous interventions (people stuff) in large organizations. These interventions include Sales and Marketing, Internalising of brands and values and Motivation.
  • Stuart is the developer and founder of “I am the Brand” TM, and is a culture and brand strategist. He is a passionate entrepreneur of Brand and Culture CascadesTM within the Win-Win client base. His creative thinking and processed approach captures the spirit of corporate brands and delivers that through the behaviour of its people. Stuart is a  Director of ERMS as the fusion between Winwin and DSG.


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